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Premium Corn & Corn Flour Tortillas

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Premium Corn & Corn Flour Tortillas

Versatility is what makes La Chiquita’s corn and corn flour line of tortillas so special. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and flavors to fit your needs.

At La Chiquita, we cook and prepare whole corn onsite for the freshest corn tortillas.

Our corn flour, or Masaharina (MH), produces a softer and more durable corn tortilla.

Size Product Description  Case Pack Product Code  
5.5" Yellow Corn - Table  600 ct. 118-6 
5.5" White MH – Table  600 ct. 119-9MH 
6" Yellow Corn  600 ct. 121-6 
6" Yellow MH  600 ct. 121-6MH 
6" Yellow Corn  800 ct. 122-5 
6" Yellow MH  800 ct.. 122-5MH 
6" White Corn  600 ct. 129-6 
6" White MH  600 ct. 129-6MH 
6"x 8" Oval Yellow MH  30 Dozen 141-8MH 
6"x 9" Oval Yellow MH 30 Dozen 144-14MH 
6" Red Chili MH  600 ct. 629-6MH 
6" Red MH  600 ct. 729-6MH 
6" Blue MH  600 ct. 921-6MH 
6" Light Blue MH (Turquoise)  600 ct. 922-6MH 
6" Green MH  600 ct.  925-6MH 
6" Purple MH  600 ct.  929-6MH 

See our specialty and capabilities pages for more products and information!!